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In Survival, the map uses a system named the Points System, this system is used to show how many points you have accumulated through out the time you have been playing the map. By default, all players start the game with 0 Points unless players that have a code for Survival use the '-load' command, the map will then figure out how many points you have accumulated from past games you have played and will let players proceed the game with the amount of points they have had before. To see the amount of points that you have accumulated or the amount of points you have in the game,the Statistics Window in the game will keep updating the amount of points you have.

Usage of Points[]

Points are used as a prerequisite for gaining promotions, all automatic and most commander promotions need a set amount of points so that a player can be promoted to a higher rank.

Points are also used at the beginning of the game to choose heroes, the amount of points accumulated after loading a code equals the amount of gold you are allowed to have and use to choose one Hero