Survival Wiki

The profession Constructor is one of the many obtainable professions in the world of Survival. You can get the profession by picking up the profession chest "Construction tools" that is dropped at the start of every game.

The basic Constructor ability is called "Get stone",in which the constructor tries to find a piece of stone. This skill improves the profession level of Constructors the quickest compared to constructing buildings.

Besides getting stone, Constructors can use other materials in his inventory to create various structures. The structures are built piece-by-piece by using the specified construction skill while having at least 1 piece of material required for that type of building.

Constructors are capable of creating the following buildings after reaching certain Profession Levels:

  • Stone Tower (8 Stone) Constructor lvl. 1
  • Scout Tower (6 Stone, 2 Wood) Constructor lvl. 4
  • Warp Gate (14 Stone, 1 Power Crystal) Constructor lvl. 6
  • Herb bed (2 Stone, 2 Wood, 1 of each available Plant in Survival (4)) Constructor lvl. 8
  • Steel tower (4 Steel Bars, 1 Power Crystal, 1 Machine Gun) Constructor lvl. 10
  • Melting Pot (8 Stone 2 Wood) Constructor lvl. 12

A few useful tips:

  • The scout tower is a multipurpose tower, which is capable of being offensive or defensive, depending on what items are placed in the tower, two main items that are generally placed in the Scout Tower are Runes or Missile Guns
  • Creating a Herb Bed is a huge priority while on the first planet as later on it becomes a necessity as plants do not grow on surfaces of later planets