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Chaos Knight(or referenced as CK) is one of the heroes that can be used in Survival:

Chaos Knight is one of the two heroes in Survival that is a melee Hero, the knight uses a sword as its main way of attacking but is also capable of using versatile abilities to support itself and also to cause havoc to enemies depending on the tide of battle.

The Chaos Knight has an inventory of 6 slots but is only capable of using 3 for items (3 slots are used for the sword, armor and shield) at the beginning of the game, has the power to practice an occupation/profession and is able to equip itself with armours and different weapons.

The 4 different Chaos Knight skills are:



Combat Proficiency: allow to create items

Combat Proficiency.jpg



LVL 10 Speed allows the Chaos Knight to use a Wave Sword

Defense Mastery:

CK-Defensive Mastery.jpg

Chaos Knight is the only hero that can use the Sword of Strength, Wave Sword, Sword of Wisdom or Force Sword

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