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The Battleship is an orbital command centre for the team of Survival players that orbits the planet it is monitoring at all times. It serves as the base of operations for experienced players, providing supplies and refuge that may not be available on the planet below. The Battleship is also able to give aid and support while players are on the surface of the planet.

How to get onto the Battleship

With level 6 Knowledge, The ability to teleport directly to the battleship becomes available. It has a moderately long cooldown, but only costs 10 mana. When available, this is the best way to reach the battleship.

A Teleportation Device allows teleporting to the battleship. It only has one charge costing 100 gold, but are easily available early in the game.

The Rank Teleport ability is available to Brigadier Generals and above, including the Commander. It has a higher mana cost than the the Knowledge teleport, but a slightly faster cooldown than either other teleport.

See Also Rank Benefits.

Importance of the Battleship

> The Battleship usually does not have any hostile enemies. For those near death, the battleship offers immediate safety.

> The Resource Shop sells useful supplies/materials that are difficult or impossible to obtain on the planet, such as a Bundle of Lumber used in the Construction skill, or Gunpowder used to make Shockwave Grenades.

> The Commander's Circle in the southern section of the Battleship offers access to the Medical Facility and Training Center, which can be quite useful throughout the game.

> Private Rooms can be purchased by those who don't trust their teammates not to steal their items. Found through the gate west of the Armor Shop, these rooms can be yours for only 10000 gold.

> Items such as Nuclear Waste and Constructed Buildings can be stored on the Battleship to free up inventory and to ration items of importance so that they can be used later when they are needed.


Players can lose Points for spending too much time lingering/loitering on the Battleship. This effect seems to be harsher earlier in the game.

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