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Player can become an Archeologist by picking up an orange box called "Archeology tools".

Archeologist has two main goals.

  1. Dig up items using his skill "Find items" and then identify them, so that other players can use them.
  2. Store special energy and use it to cast offensive spells.

Ad 1. Digging up items:

When the "Find items" skill is used, archeologist can find some of those items:

  • Power Crystal
  • Glyph: By identifying the glyph, archeologist gains 1 energy, that can be used to cast offensive spells.
  • Unidentified stone: It can be just a normal stone, or it can turn out to be something more helpful.
  • Alien Artifact X; where X stands for a number from I to V. The greater the number, the more powerful the artifact is. These artifacts are offensive in nature and each charge unleashes a damaging spell.
  • Other artifacts (experiment on your own)

Remember, that all the items you dig out are unidentified by default. To make them usefull for you (and more importantly for the entire team), be sure to always identify as many of them as you can.

Ad 2. Spellcasting:

There are several spells, that can be used; the greater the archeology level, the more spells unlock. The offensive spells are:

  • Frost nova (1 energy or 100 life)
  • Fire (2 energy or 200 life)
  • Lightning (3 energy or 300 life)
  • Volcano (10 energy or 1000 life)

All of those 4 spells cost either energy or life. Energy can be gained from identifying glyphs or it can be generated from the player's mana pool (25 mana -> 1 energy).

Since the life cost of the spells is 100 x energy cost, it is highly recommended to use the spells only if you have enough energy. It is a common mistake for new players to cast fire spell while having no energy; the spell itself does not kill its user (even if it's cost is greater than the archeologist's life), but he's left with very few hp and vulnerable to future attacks.

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